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Meet Our Pastor

Michael Mupfawa *A contemporary pastor, dynamic preacher and teacher who brings freshness and cutting- edge innovation in ministry. *A visionary leader guiding the church through VISION 2020 *A warm and friendly Minister *A unifier who values partnerships in the church and in the community. * A caring counselor and prolific author. *His books vary in subject matter and style: “ASPIRE” isa series of Biblical Motivational Messages. “Razor Wire” is a novel on immigration, and “Still We Sing” is A Trilingual Compilation of Favorite Interdenominational Hymns Sung by Zimbabweans in the Diaspora.” His latest and most sought after book “Faith that Glows in the Dark” is subtitled Suturing the Suffering Soul through Scripture. A useful tool for the bereaved* Pastor Mike is an urban spiritual leader, sensitive to urban needs and the plight of the less fortunate.

Drawing from 25 years of Pastoral and Chaplaincy Ministry, Pastor Mike delivers relevant and inspiring messages which go beyond San Diego to the rest of the world. *He has graced pulpits throughout the United States as guest speaker and internationally as a missionary to many parts of Canada, Jamaica, Zambia, Malaysia, Nigeria, the Philippines, Zimbabwe, Singapore, the Republic of South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Thailand.

*A graduate of JN Andrews Theological Seminary with degrees in Theology, Divinity, and Visual Communication
* He is married to Lady Dee, his high school sweetheart, and together they are devoted parents to Steffany, Sofia, and Seth