Get to know about Maranatha Church

Maranatha has the privilege of connecting people to Jesus and to one another. We are San Diego’s Advent-hope-filled, Faith-driven, Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, Bible-based, Worship-inspired, fervent-praying, life-changing, community-loving, multi-ethnic and multi-generational, purpose-driven Church helping one another 24/7 to be ready for the soon-coming Lord. We invite you to come and join us in worshipping our Savior, Jesus Christ. We look forward to meeting you soon!”

Every Saturday

Join us early Saturday morning at 8:00 am for a fervent Sabbath morning prayer meeting. This is our Sabbath morning Power Hour! By 9:00 am we serve light refreshments as breakfast for the early birds.

Sabbath School begins at 9:30 am in the main sanctuary. There are age appropriate Sabbath School classes going on downstairs till 10:45 am.

Our main service begins at 11 o’clock and lets out no later than 1:30 PM.

After lunch we always have a Bible Study in Donnelly Hall. Our last service for the day is Vespers at sunset with Adventist Youth every second and forth Sabbaths. We speak of this service simply as AY! The Finance Committee meets each 1st Sabbath of the month, Elders Board -the 2nd Sabbath, Ministry Council Meetings take place each 3rd Sabbath and the Board of Ministry Directors convenes every 4th Sabbath.

Time & Location

THE MAIN SERVICE is at 11 am upstairs in the sanctuary. Access is through the main entrance on Skyline Drive or from the parking lot entrance in the rear of the church, the sanctuary will be located upstairs .

Common Questions

Absolutely YES! In the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Christ is not just the center but, the circumference of all our beliefs and the reason why we do what we do.
Saturday is the SABBATH. Adventists keep the Sabbath holy in celebration of God as Creator (see Genesis 1&2), in observance of the perpetual commandments of God (Exodus 20). We worship on Saturdays as was Christ’s custom, (Luke 4:16) as was done by His disciples, (Acts 13:14-15, 42-44, Acts 16:11-13, Acts 18:4) and as has been continued by many Bible-based worshippers of God through the centuries.
We believe that God requires us to be good stewards of our bodies and the Bible shows that God’s original plan was for humans to enjoy a plant-based diet. Even animals were vegetarian until after the flood with the scarcity of vegetation. Research shows that a plant-based diet proves to be healthier than a meat-based one and plants that are organically grown are safer than those that have been exposed to pesticides and other chemicals. A growing number of people now favor a meatless diet, not just Adventists.

Our Mission & Vision

Our MISSION is to effectively share the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ to the San Diego communities and the surrounding areas. (Rev. 14:6-12)

Our VISION is to be empowered witnesses for Christ. (Acts 1:8) .

Get connected

Courtesy of Maranatha Guest Services, we offer free wifi to all our guests! You may connect your cellular device or iPad to MSDACHURCH and the your complimentary password is msdaguest